Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale.

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Solar panels are popularly used nowadays to produce energy for home and even commercial use. However, not many people understand the basic science behind the functioning of solar systems.

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Our Mission

We are committed to promoting solar energy so that it will become the one of the main sources of energy in the future. We want to help build a better environment for future generations so that the human race will have a bright future.

Our Vision

To see every home or business using the energy that is clean and free from the sun. We want to see a Solar Panel on top of every roof. We want to see everyone help save the planet.


Solar Energy is one of the cleanest and cost-effective ways of generating energy. It does not take much other than the initial installation of the solar panels. It can give a house or business all the energy it needs for free.

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'Solar Energy for Homes and Businesses

The sun is a source abundant energy and in today’s world, less than 1% of that energy is harnessed for solar power generation. The sun’s s0lar energy can be used to generate power that is clean and renewable. There is no pollutions or damage to the environment. Let us have a look at how solar power can be used.

How Solar Power can be made use of

Solar power can be used for both commercial and residential purposes depending on the requirements that a particular building or house may need. Learn more about this at www.solarinstallationpros.com.au.

For Home use

Solar power can be a blessing for any home. If you have an average jy5h4gfwhome that contains the basic appliances, you can get all your energy needs to be met if you install a solar power system for your house.

Residential solar power systems are not that costly and once installed they will pay for themselves over a certain period. They will reduce your electricity bill, and in some instances even give you a source of income. Many power generation companies are ready to buy back power generated by homes that have solar power systems.

For commercial use

Companies are often hit with large electricity bills every month. They have to pay these bills as they have to use certain equipment to ensure the business runs smoothly. However, one thing many companies should consider is that if they have a large building, they have ample real estate on the roof to install a large solar power system. Companies often pay higher rates for electricity than residential properties that are connected to the electricity grid. Therefore, a company can benefit in a big way if they decide to go for solar power as they will only have to make a one-time investment for the system and then the electricity they use will be practically free.

Why use solar power?

65h4gApart from the benefits of lower electricity bills or having a source of income, solar power is considered clean energy, It does not pollute the environment with toxic fumes and does not cause greenhouse gasses. The energy from the Sun is free and will not hurt our planet, and therefore, you can help the earth become cleaner and safer for the present and future generations.

Being environmentally conscious is very important and for many companies, they will find more people buying their products if they make an effort to use clean energy and renewable sources in their operation.…


Informative And Educative Details About Solar Power For Your Home


The use of solar power has increased significantly in the recent past. This is primarily attributed to more people understanding the benefits that come with the use of this type of energy source. This means if you use solar power in your home you will be able to get more benefits compared to using traditional sources of power.

Benefits of using solar power6h54g

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you use solar power for your home include maintaining the environment. This is because solar has almost zero emissions including carbon and other harmful gasses that are produced by other traditional sources of power. The people who use a traditional source of power do not know about the harmful gasses that are produced in the process of generating the power. But if you use solar power you will be assured that you are getting convenient power without having a negative impact on the environment.

Another primary advantage that you can enjoy is that you will reduce the cost of getting power. This is because solar power does not have a lot of expenses. All you have to pay for is the installation and maintenance fee. This means you can power all your gadgets and devices without having to spend a lot of money. The importance of this is paramount especially in the current economic times.

Another benefit is that you can get rebates and benefits from the government. This is because the government tries to encourage people to use solar power; as a result, you can be able to claim returns because of using solar power. Furthermore, solar power increases the value of your home in case you decide to sell. This is important because you can fetch more money while selling your home. The person buying will understand that using the home will have minimal expenses and, as a result, will be willing to pay more. The added value is much more compared to the cost of installing the panels.

j75645h4gInstalling solar power in your home

While looking to install solar power in your home, your need to consult the professionals in your area who have the necessary insight on how to install solar panels. The professional will advise you on the right panels to install depending on your requirements. The professional will also install the panels for you and ensure that they are effective and safe. This is helpful because the professional has the right tools and skills to install the panels. Therefore, installing solar power in your home has many benefits compared to traditional sources of power.…


How do solar panels work

Solar panels are popularly used nowadays to produce energy for home and even commercial use. However, not many people understand the basic science behind the functioning of solar systems. Learning how do solar panels work is important as it helps you to choose your solar panel system wisely and get to save money. Essentially, a solar panel utilizes thermal energy from the sun to produce electricity.

How it works

The science behind solar cells76543w

The basic science behind solar energy production is known as the photovoltaic effect that takes place on the surface of the cells once they are exposed to thermal energy. The photovoltaic cells are mainly made of silicon that is a semiconductor. Solar panels are lined with strips of silicon that are ideal for the transmission of electrons. In order to create a bond that can conduct electricity, silicon is combined with phosphorous to create a silicon-phosphorus bond which is able to conduct electricity. When the solar cells are exposed to sunlight, the silicon absorbs the light to release photons through a series of chemical reactions. This reaction takes place within the cells to produce a current of electricity. The photovoltaic cells consist of metal contacts on both sides hence allowing the electrical current to be harnessed to power electronic devices.

How do solar panels work?

A solar panel is made up of rows of interconnected solar cells. These cells absorb thermal energy and convert it to DC power. The energy current is then transmitted to an inverter that transforms it from a direct current into an alternating current. The panels are wired to a battery or power grid to store the electricity.

One might wonder how sunlight can produce electricity. Sunlight has various properties that create electricity. Sunlight consists of photons which upon striking the solar cells, they cause the release of extra electrons. This produces electric fields within the solar cells, and the free electrons are lured into a current, which combines with the silicon-phosphorus bond. This fusion of elements is what generates electricity.

The solar panel structure has no moving components making it very stable and durable.

7ii6u54ewHow to make the best of solar panels?

To maximize the power of solar panels, they must be placed in an area that receives a good amount of sunlight. It is also important to pay close attention to the angle and placement of the panels to ensure they work at their highest efficiency.

It’s important to understand how do solar panels work so as to maximize their efficiency. This will help you to save money on bills and enjoy the green energy.…